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I guess the people are free

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Home: Stat.Istics.Net — Bringing statistics into the 20 th century Data Program: Analyze data — Histograms, scatter plots, multiple regression, chi-square tests of independence, logistic regression. Box models: Randomly draws tickets from a box, to see the law of averages and the central limit theorem. Monty Hall: Win a new car! Win a new car! <iframe src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-NBMRDKQ" height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe> <p>Your browser has ... created by @kylestetz@kylestetz Gc & Guess Watches provide quality timepieces for fashion conscious men and women. Neopets.Com - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more! 301 Moved Permanently. The requested resource has been assigned a new permanent URI. Powered by Tengine Online multiplayer sketching game. Can you guess the price of the world's most extravagant products ($1,000,000+)? Try it out in this mind-boggling game. Akinator.com works mainly through advertising. If you enjoy our content, please deactivate your adblocker on Akinator.com. For all questions relating to advertising please leave us a message here

2022.01.22 14:50 bluestarmovement I guess the people are free

I live in pretty much the middle of nowhere Canada and there was a local freedom protests maybe like 100 came wow no more Lockdowns
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2022.01.22 14:50 charlytheron3 What are you expectations for season 42?

Do you think it'll be a repeat of 41 with the same terrible twists, or do you think they have enough self awareness to make changes based on what didn't work in 41?
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2022.01.22 14:50 Diegoh01 24M bump left on finger after big cut

24M, 5'10, 180lb, White
Recently I had a glass shatter in my hands. A big piece slashed my finger open, peeling the skin on the distal phalanx of my ring finger, also damaging some nerves. The cut was not deep enough to cause continuous bleeding. It was treated and cleaned constantly, and I also applied some fitostimuline at night and kept it covered with a bandage which I replaced often. The cut never showed any signs or symptoms of an infection. These days the dead skin has been shedding, but it's uncovered a bump where the cut used to be (nearly the same size as the cut). It's the same pinkish color as the new healing skin, painless, and not big enough to reduce mobility of my fingers. I've had big cuts before, but it's the first time seeing something like this. Should I be concerned? bump
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2022.01.22 14:50 skartie [Homemade] Chocolate tart!

[Homemade] Chocolate tart! submitted by skartie to food [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:50 Hollycat13 Big 4 job - hours

I’m just curious….. is it possible to have a big 4 job and work 55 hours during feb - April busy season and then 40 hrs the rest of the year?
I know a lot of people work way more than that at big 4 but I’m wondering if there is anyone on a tax team that works more “normal” hours?
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2022.01.22 14:50 PetoGee I need Nas & Skyzoo collaboration album with New York jazzy vibes. What do you think about that?

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2022.01.22 14:50 Wheyprotein200 Yes i do love pizza, pizza is life.

Yes i do love pizza, pizza is life. submitted by Wheyprotein200 to wholesomememes [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:50 Conscious-Pain2502 Regarding Spanish Portuguese written language comprehension

To what degree do Spanish speaker understand complicated text in Portuguese language(non fiction book, academic papers, articles).Take longer time, dictionary required sometimes to fully understand? Only able to extract main points?
I know comprehension is great as to simple text/passages. And technical text is easier to be understood than day to day language. While literary texts (novels and the likes) would be hardly comprehensible (spoken language is another thing I know)
Considering taking a random portuguese text, an untrained spanish speaker easily understand at least half of the words(statistic from a SP speaker experience) and others in doubt or no idea. And understanding Portuguese text primarily takes figuring out works, guessing, not to mention the false friends involved,
And given complex/formal texts are always lengthy, a 20pages academic papers, 100+page non fiction book, imagining the figuring out works for 20pages it is quite tiring and troublesome to read lengthy complex formal text(eg 20page academic paper, 100page non fiction book) ?
Unless there is really a urgent need, usually spanish speaker would not take the trouble ? (Simple 1-2page still have the patience to decode, but 20pages no please- you feel so? )
If translation is an option, would you prefer reading in Spanish or English
And vice versa untrained portuguese speaker understanding spanish
submitted by Conscious-Pain2502 to language [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:50 DanMards We need some hopium to get high and forget. This is what I am doing during this time of red colour!

I invert the colours of the graphs so it appears gree...
Anyways, during these times of uncertainty (not really, crypto technologies haven't changed) I always try to go back and realise why I have placed my bet on the crypto I own. So here is a tiny bit of hopium for those who need it the most:
- Ethereum (ETH): The merge is set to happen sometime in Q2 this year. With EIP-1559, Ethereum is set to be deflationary if the data is correct (check ultrasound.money). I would write more, but we all know why we are here for.
- CDC Coin (CRO): in my opinion, the biggest rival of Binance at the moment. The marketing is impressively great and the recent attack they had and their solution for it has been spot on. It has some great things coming to it, such as the Cronos network. Also, we are reaching the maximum supply! Knowing the current customers at CDC and the max supply, it would only be needed 3k CRO per person to reach this - that is basically staking for the Ruby Rose card.
- Tezos (XTZ): It is still the only blockchain out there that is infinitely upgradable without forking. Also, it has great tokenomics and a lot of companies (specially in the F1 world) and banks are using its blockchain.
- MINA Protocol (MINA): the lightest blockchain in the world weighting only on 22kb and fixed forever. Others, are 200GB+ and growing. It is fully decentralised and the community is amazing!
- QANPlatform (QANX): very new project as Testnet for it jsut got released last week. It is quantum-resistant and ETH-compatible (you can use your ETH 0x address in metamask for example). Tx speed is impressive and it is programmable in every code language, which is a huge advantage.
All of you can deposit your little bit of hopium in the comments about your coins, make yourself fall in love again about the true reason why we want crypto to succeed. We will earn money thanks to its technology!
For any non-shilling, hopium-sobered people, I got the right thing for you!
- Staking and locking-up: I staked my ETH so I cannot do anything but wave at a raging flame. Same with all other coins mentioned. It just helps me mentally.
- Read around to learn more: some people have been here since the begginings of time. They know how low it went and how high it bounced back. IF you press that "Sell" button, then you did it to yourself.
- Forget and disconnect: a bit of a controversial one to the previous point, but it is jsut that. Ignore the charts for some weeks. The whole world is crashing. Crypto, stocks, Ukraine (I swear. America please do not get involved in something you do NOT have to put your nose IN) and other shitstorm. It isn't just us getting bummed, its the whole economy.

Be safe everyone! We are here for the long run, and 2022 has just begun too!
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2022.01.22 14:50 xTremeSwag Become A Low-Cap Slum Lord: Full Trading Guide

Hi friends, I need more karma to post my project on CryptoMoonShots, so I'm just going to outline my killer trading strategy for free. I recommend that you sponge this information and use it as you see fit. Everybody has unique strengths and weaknesses. I doubt my strategy will be as perfect for you as it is for me.
Why even trade low-caps? Great question. Low-caps bear a lot more risk than established projects, but they also have the potential for explosive growth. Further, a low-cap project that can stick around for a while will generally have a moment in the spotlight. You might wake up one morning and 5x your money on a low-cap. If you choose well, you could get in early on a great project. Trading low-caps lets you pretend to be an early bitcoin adopter, except you are probably going to early adopt terrible projects that never go anywhere, unless you get super lucky and have a great project handed to you like a hot cake.
Just tell me your most important point now idiot. TAKE PROFITS IMMEDIATELY. Here is exactly what will happen: price will stagnate for half a day and then DUMP SUPER HARD. A smaller peak will soon follow but ultimately disappoint. If you missed out before, SELL NOW!!! This plays out the same exact way, 70% of the time, every time. You might think "well xTremeSwag this is all obvious and you are a moron." Thanks (dick), but here's the thing. In practice, it is NOT that easy! Very often, you will find that you grow attached to these projects, especially if you use my recon techniques I am about to outline. Naturally, you will start to think that they have some SERIOUS long-term potential!
But remember... A 5x gain in one day is NOT normal or healthy! Unless there is serious adoption going on or it is in response to an update that brings UTILITY, this is only TRANSIENT. Most likely, the price will end up reverting to somewhere a bit higher than its previous baseline. If you want some good examples of this in practice, check out the chart for BONK or PEPEMON PEPEBALLS (yes, I am a real connoisseur). Remember, these projects are so low in market cap that even small boosts in attention can easily translate to big price bumps. We only care about UTILITY. Otherwise, we are not going to stick around. Our prerogative is making money and that's it.
How do you find worthy projects? This is the part that actually takes some skill! You could be a total hotshot (and hunk) like me and still fail to make money with low-caps. If a project doesn't bring the bacon, you won't get any! I have created a simple and repeatable process that lets you identify projects where every observable factor points towards success given you are patient enough to let it materialize.
Step 1: Look at their website
The first question to ask: "is this terrible?" If the website is terrible, you should just leave immediately. There are enough low-caps out there that you can be very selective. In fact, that is an essential part of this strategy.
The next part takes a bit more time. Figure out exactly what utility they are offering and try to identify who their competitors are. We are looking for projects that have something COMPLETELY UNIQUE to offer. Not only that, it should already be functional and DONE. Investing in ideas is for MORONS, especially in this realm. You want to find projects that are built on PURE PASSION. When I built my project, I put MONTHS of PURE SEXUAL ENERGY into making it absolutely kick-ass. You need to look for this same thing, and it's easily apparent.
Check out the functionality of their website. Do they have good attention to detail or was it just thrown together in two days? This part is very simple, but also critical. We want to find projects that the team is ENTIRELY FOCUSED ON. This needs to be their life, not some little thing they are doing to make themselves rich. You wouldn't buy tickets on a boat with SATAN as the captain, now would you?
The next step is to figure out as much about the team as possible. This is a very important and the most consequential part of my entire strategy. In fact, most of the other stuff is just common sense and I put it there to appeal to even the lowest common denominator (probably you!!!). Anyways, I have been in the game for a long time. The one thing that causes MANY projects to fail is DUBIOUS developers.
You might think that this is also very obvious, and it is. But how many people take the time to build rapport with the team and owners? You need to know them personally and try to get a strong understanding of who they really are. Our goal here is to take the probability of us succeeding long-term and ramp it up as high as possible. You want to watch for a few things. First, how interested is the owner overall? You want to see someone almost giddy with excitement, they LOVE crypto and their IDEA has a REAL COMMUNITY BEHIND IT, WOW!!! That is the kind of attitude you want to see. They should accommodate you, especially if you have some kind of skill to offer. For example, I used to run a crypto review website. I would just write a short article, send it over, and BOOM I'm in. This may sound like a ton of work, but we aren't doing it for trash projects. Only follow through to this step for TRANSFORMATIVE, ORIGINAL projects that you see real potential in.
Why do we need to know the team personally? We want real insight into them as individuals. This helps you predict how they will respond in drastic situations. Most of these projects will die the moment that the market tanks. If you find a project with an enthusiastic team who will ENDURE through low prices, you have found yourself a gem, even if the utility isn't that good. This is because it takes so little to blast these projects off. If they actually stick around, the chances are that you will enjoy a nice harvest at some point.
The key is to look for consistent updates (even in bad markets) and to watch the ATTITUDE of team members. Low prices = angry community. How do they react to this? If they react poorly and a lot of vitriol is beginning to form, just GTFO. The project is a headless chicken (GOING TO DIE!!!), and the team is full of ingrates who don't appreciate their own community, next!
Another factor to look for is the enthusiasm of the community itself. There should be many people who seem genuinely passionate about the idea and are eager to help out, even though they aren't being compensated. This is called INSPIRING PASSION, and it is the result of people thinking something has REAL POTENTIAL. Keep in mind though, everyone else is an idiot (except for me) so don't go all-in on this indicator.
Timing your entry This is the most critical part of the entire strategy. We only enter low caps AT OR NEAR all-time lows. You may think this rule sounds stupid, but it's very important. If a project has a few months of price history, it is entirely likely that the previous ATL will be broken in the future. However, it provides some strong resistance and the price will generally rebound after making a new low. Getting in near the current ATL will provide you with a little cushion if you need it, and shields you from a big danger: these projects can easily get overvalued for what they are.
Sure, they may explode in the future. For now, you want to get them at a safe price and maximize the tokens you hold. Think about it. At this point, we have established that the project is transformative, the team kicks ass and will stick around, and NOW you have also entered at a very low price. Note that if you find a great project at a high price, you should stick it in a spreadsheet and monitor it. The more projects in your spreadsheet, the higher the probability that you will get a good buy opportunity on one of them. Also, it's important to remember that it's better to hold NO crypto than to hold CRYPTO THAT WILL DECREASE IN VALUE. If you hold on to your money and enter at prime market conditions instead of buying at high prices, you will multiply the tokens you receive and stand to earn a lot more money.
You want to buy at these ATLS and take profits after any obviously-inflated price jumps. If you take profits, you can re-enter whenever you want, the rule no longer stands. However, the more it dumps before you buy again, the more tokens you will have.
Ok dick, what's the point of all this? First off, my name isn't dick, it's Horace. This strategy is braindead easy, but it requires that you go out of your way a bit. It also goes against natural inclinations. Taking profits aggressively is probably the most important part. You NEED to take profits. We care about making money, not the potential to make WAY more money. The truth is that you will lose by failing to take profits pretty much every time and end up making very minute profits.
The key to the strategy is to identify all of the factors you can control or at least understand. It's easy to do with low-caps because they are more personal. You can build a very strong comprehension of what is happening behind the scenes. Coupled with buying at super low prices, your probability of making money (if you have the stones to take profits) is very high. The best part is that you don't need to stress out very much or spend a ton of time engaging with crypto. Just check your spreadsheet every day to make sure you catch good opportunities. If you want to grow your spreadsheet, do some research. It's dead simple.
I'm no saint, I would love it if you checked out my project.
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2022.01.22 14:50 EpicBruhBoy12 spanish or vanish

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2022.01.22 14:50 Massie123 Why is Wyvern Riding so jarring on top of being forced into it?

So far, one big nuisance that is bothering me in Rise, is the fact that any fat combo you have going on may just randomly get interrupted because the game decided "you have filled the arbitrary Wyvern Riding meter", making your next attack automatically trigger the mounting animation, even if you were about to build a spirit slash meter for your longsword.
This obviously cuts really hard into the flow of combat, becoming more of a nuisance the better you do in the fight, because you fill the invisible meter faster. There's also the scenario where you are dueling a monster, then a 2nd monster appears, gets smacked once by the 1st monster, and if your weapon does even 1 dmg to the staggered 2nd monster, you automatically start riding it, forcing you to either run it into the ground as fast as possible (literally), or play along the mechanic and use the rigid and clunky controls to punch your 1st monster ALSO into Wyvern Riding mode, forcing you to play the same animation AGAIN. Even if you decide to "jump ship" as fast as possible, you are still bleeding your weapon meter (depending on type ofc), resulting in the minigame causing more HARM than good to the overall hunt.
I've seen people argue"Wyvern Riding is good, you should always use it, it's free damage & knockdown", glossing over the fact that a monster could already be knocked down and about to be shredded by your combo, only to have all your damage and setup get robbed because "it's Wyvern Riding time".
There's also 0 nuance to Wyvern Riding, especially as solo player, because in a 1v1, its only use is to do the same "charge into wall, dodge button,carge into wall, dodge button [...]" as fast as possible.
But Wyvern Riding's biggest robbery is not (just) the damage or weapon ressources being wasted, but rather having the the epic battle theme's climax stolen and be replaced with a completely differently paced boring tune taking you completely out of the moment.
Why is this an automatic feature on-attack, considering it already has a DIRECT button prompt, if you actually wanted to take advantage of the moment? This is like having your character automatically sheath your weapon mid-combat and start drinking a potion because you dropped below 30% hp.
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2022.01.22 14:50 Only-A-Minority How many hours a week do you work?

I’m interested in going into this field and I’m curious on how many hours a week you guys work
View Poll
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2022.01.22 14:50 Pippost_official PetSmart SPAC Merger? 7 Things We Know as the Pet Supplier Mulls Going Public - Read more on PipPost

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2022.01.22 14:50 waveorangejuice 20% OFF Jennifer Zeuner Coupon & Promo Code

Check out 20% OFF Jennifer Zeuner Coupon & Promo Code. There are Jennifer Zeuner Coupon & Promo Code for online purchases. You may save with using those discount codes, coupons, promo codes and offers. Take advantages of daily deals, sales and coupons!
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2022.01.22 14:50 CecliusPlaysHD FAR CRY 6 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 17 - MEET THE MONTEROS (PS5)

FAR CRY 6 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 17 - MEET THE MONTEROS (PS5) submitted by CecliusPlaysHD to PromoteYoutubeGaming [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:50 blueshirt_8005 Was cashmere historically used in the Middle East?

Iran and Afghanistan produce 20-30% of the world's cashmere today. is this a new industry? And are those cashmere goats native to Iran/Afghanistan or were they brought from China/Mongolia in modern times or by various Turkic invaders?
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2022.01.22 14:50 codeh15 Doggo

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2022.01.22 14:50 neuro_py 30, Female, Eyebrow twitch with tinnitus, possible cranial nerve issue

I am a 30-year-old female, non-smoker, also non-alcohol consumer and vegan for 14 years.
I have had an eyebrow twitch (near continuous all day) for about 3 weeks now. About one week ago, I also developed tinnitus in both ears (what seems to be a mixture of both pulsatile and non-pulsatile). Does anyone have any anecdotal experience with anything like this?
About two months ago I had routine blood work done, this included C-reactive protein and other general inflammatory markers. None of those came back as positive (my CRP was .6mg/L). I do have ANAs in a 1:160 titer nucleolar pattern, but scleroderma antibody tests also came back as negative. If I had an acoustic neuroma/any sort of tumor on my 7th or 8th cranial nerve (facial and vestibulocochlear), I imagine I would have had elevated CRP. I think the most remarkable result from blood work was my Triglycerides level being 43mg/dL (very low - though I am highly athletic/lean and do not think malnutrition is a possibility here).
Has anyone heard of a mild form of Bell’s Palsy? Or a mild neurovascular compression (one that does not result in full hemifacial spasms, just a slight eyebrow twitch, with no pain associated at all)?
I was on Spironolactone and Tretinoin to keep my testosterone-related breakouts under control. Since considering ototoxicity as a possibility, I have stopped both of those (about 4 days off now). If this is a side effect of those medications, should I expect this to be my new permanent state?
The earliest a neurologist is available is 4 months out, and I’m wondering if I need to go to the ER or something to get imaging on what could be a serious issue.
For the common things I’ve read: My caffeine intake is probably around 150-250mg/day (what I would consider moderate), my stress is generally under control but it’s a global pandemic so there’s been a general sense of dread that’s been sustained for 2 years, I have not had any head trauma recently.
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2022.01.22 14:50 Achy550 How can i make the among us vote with commands?(or redstone)

I’ve been made an among us map in minecraft, i have made all the tasks and the functions, but i haven’t done the vote sistem!! Can anyone help me?
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2022.01.22 14:50 KingBeanCarpio This is a grown ass man smh

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2022.01.22 14:50 MurkLurker New house, getting mail for my address but not people who lived there as far as I know.

From what we knew, the previous owner lived alone, but we're getting mail for 3 or 4 different people who we don't know who they are even though the address is our new house.
My wife says we should put it back in the mailbox but I'm wondering if there is a difference between that and throwing it away.
Some letters seem generic but some seem important..soo what should we do with them?
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2022.01.22 14:50 BlackJesus531 Regardless of whatever the anniversary ends up being

I absolutely love that it’s a week away from anniversary and we’ve had no real concrete info pointing to who it’s gonna be in the form of a figure or anything. The suspense is killing me and I love it!
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2022.01.22 14:50 Jalouf Xbox and Pc Games Pass in Africa

I was wondering why Xbox games pass and Pc games pass are not available in Morocco or Africa in general ? I think in 2022 there are not that many barriers to not let those services be available since it's only digital same as "Spotify" "Netflix" and others that are available. Most countries does have fiber optic internet, they are pretty advanced in technology so what are the real causes why the services by microsoft are not avaiblable ? and thank you for your time !!
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2022.01.22 14:50 dirrtyremixes Late Night Record Pool [18-Jan-2022]

Late Night Record Pool [18-Jan-2022] submitted by dirrtyremixes to djpoolnet [link] [comments]