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Halloween Spooktacular Sales Event. GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY. Free shipping on every order.

2021.10.26 08:39 lugarcarl Halloween Spooktacular Sales Event. GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY. Free shipping on every order.

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2021.10.26 08:39 Honey_Some Looking for PLO players.🚨 Open at 11pm to 2 am only. πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽Are u addicted to poker? πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽 Come and join my Club D2ggm.

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2021.10.26 08:39 Launston_ In the midst of a depressive episode πŸ˜” any tips on how to get through this or just kind words would be welcome πŸ’•

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2021.10.26 08:39 Initial_Gur_5266 What Did Bruce Write on NotB?

So I know it's widely believed (maybe even confirmed?) that Bruce contributed to writing on NotB but couldn't be credited because of still technically being in Samson.
Have there ever been any official statements by band members on what songs he did help write? If not, for those of you who might have a better ear than me, what songs do you think he contributed to based off what you know about his lyrical styles?
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2021.10.26 08:39 FedeCata This is my wallpaper, I love it but I don't know which plant is that. Can you help me?

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2021.10.26 08:39 mptkala πŸ‘œπŸ‘œ $TRENDY πŸ‘ πŸ‘  | New Token for E-Commerce TrendyStore | πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž The token you can spend on luxury products πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž| Redistribution, BuyBack and Anti-Bot system.

We are almost finished designing an online store where you can anonymously use your $Trendy tokens to purchase authentic designer luxury gifts, watches and hand bags … and the best part, shipped anonymously!
πŸš€πŸš€ TOKENOMICS πŸš€πŸš€
Redistribution: 2%
Buy-Back: 6%
Marketing: 3%
Total supply: 1 Trillon
Holders: 200 (You Are Early!!!)
Liquidity: $65,000
Market Cap: $100,000
Current Price: 0.0000001
CoinGecko: Pending
Transparent and sincere devs!
Website: Trendy.Finance
Reddit: Trendy
Join us on Telegram: @ TrendyToken
Instagram: Trendy.Finance
Twitter: TrendyToken
BSCScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xaA7836830a58bC9A90Ed0b412B31c2B84F1eaCBE#balances
Dextools Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explore0xcdb8178699c554aea94a79273b4a0e17589658c9
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2021.10.26 08:39 mendolla [FREE] Jay1 Type Beat 2021 - ''Patiently'' | Uk Rap Trap Instrumental 2021 | Meekz x Fredo Type Beat

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2021.10.26 08:39 Hocdgirl_pl_de Hocd - Trigger Warning

I am 27, diagnosed with ocd, lesbian and didn't know it. I am sorry if I trigger someone, but I have nobody to tell my story. I feel so alone. Maybe my story could help someone.
I had ocd about sexual orientation since 1 year. I was afraid of being lesbian, but I came to the point that I am really a lesbian :-(. I still don't want to be, but sexual orientation is not a choice. U can change your behaviour and doesn't act on these attractions, but u cannot choose yours thoughts and feelings and attractions and fantasies...
I always felt in love with men and enjoyed sex, but had always difficulties to orgasm with men or straight fantasies. But I could easily achieve orgasm by watching lesbian porn. I thought that it is only porn, cuz I was never attracted to a woman in real life only to men, but since I have hocd I really started to think about my sexuality and the book about Sexual Fluidity from Lisa Diamond really opened my eyes.
I think I wasn't aware of my same sex attraction before cuz women sexuality works different than men sexuality. Women have rare spontaneous desire for sex. Our desire is more responsive and depends on context. It means we experience desire for sex when we are already aroused or in erotic context. For example for me it was lesbian porn and probably if I would have sex with woman in real life I would enjoy it too...
I think I was really in love with some men in the past and liked these men, cuz the sexual orientation is determined not only cuz biological components, but also society and environment and our society is heteronormative so maybe that it why I could respond somehow to hetero relationships. Women sexuality is also more fluid. U can be lesbian but fall in love with man. I have the feeling that I was born lesbian, it's my biology, I am more aroused by lesbian content, women body than straight things, but I could be somehow attracted to some men cuz society and sexual fluidity but it was more emotionally and romantically... I am not aroused by randomly naked men...
I really don't know what to do now. I feel really lost... It's so hard to accept it...
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2021.10.26 08:39 scott_fx4real I I write write each each word word twice twice. Ask ask me me anything anything!

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2021.10.26 08:39 adipuli2004 big brains english fellas

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2021.10.26 08:39 drruler The Poorhammer Podcast's two part introduction to Crusade. Two competitive minded players discussing the experience moving into a more narrative direction and their thoughts on designing crusade forces.

Hey everyone, I hope these episodes are entertaining to readers of this subreddit. We're a general Warhammer podcast discussing the different angles of the hobby. The last two episodes we discussed Crusade as a way to play and our experience designing crusade lists to get the most enjoyment out of your campaign.
Episode 4 - Competitive Players Reviewing Crusade
Episode 5 - Crusade List Building Discussion
Feel free to give any feedback you have on these episodes as the podcast is still new and we're still trying to get everything right.
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2021.10.26 08:39 svanapps Bitcoin, gold or dollar for a rainy day? Here’s what the bosses at Bridgewater, BlackRock, Goldman choose

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2021.10.26 08:39 killHACKS Entitlement

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2021.10.26 08:39 jfshay The Easiest Case for the Prosecution: Trump's Aiding and Abetting Unlawful Occupation of the Capitol

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2021.10.26 08:39 ptvMarco THIS MUST BE OUR ANTHEM. It reppresents everything we stand for.

THIS MUST BE OUR ANTHEM. It reppresents everything we stand for. submitted by ptvMarco to SHIBArmy [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 08:39 STobacco400 Kartu Kredit, BI Checking, dan KPR

Hai financial literate komodos.
I am a 23 year old aspiring young adult. Mau nanya hal yang bahkan orang bank gak bisa jawab.
Simple aja. Apakah hutang kartu kredit di track di BI Checking? Lalu follow up nya, Apakah BI Checking dari hutang kartu kredit itu mempengaruhi KPR?
Jadi strategi nya itu : Saya tertib kalo tentang masalah finansial, gak pernah telat bayar, atau ngutang. Rencana nya mau buat kartu kredit supaya bisa mulai "build credit". Beli barang barang bulanan dengan cc, dan bayar lunas setiap bulannya supaya kelihatan 1 | 0 (kualitas lancar | 0 hari telat). Jadi kalo emang bener bisa di track lewat BI Checking, harapannya KPR akan di approve dengan mudah/ at least less resistance.
Considerationnya adalah sekarang : Apakah efektif dan efisien untuk "Build credit" lewat cc? Soalnya admin cc itu lumanyan mahal (biasanya 400k annual fee, dan 30k monthly fee)
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2021.10.26 08:39 tony22233 Torque Pro now works on Android 12

I just got a Torque Pro update. So the issue was fixed by the devs for Torque. Thanks!!!
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2021.10.26 08:39 LongIslandNerd Being a teller for Capital One in 2017...

So I became a teller while I was home from college because my old job didn't want to hire me again. Something about leaving them to go to college was a horrible mistake, but I digress.
We had to have our meeting about reaching target customer happiness goals 1 by 1. So I meet with my assistant manager who says ," We need to work on making customers happy. Your score wasn't where we likes it so here are new ways to make it happen." She proceeds to tell me about making connections blah blah blah. So I need to sign this form saying I received the training and I will do better.
On the form it literally says 100% customer satisfaction and achieving all goal points. I literally showed her the paper and said,"you do realize I have 100% customer happiness?" Looks at me and says, "You can do better."
As soon a as she said that I told her I was taking an extended lunch and I'll be back the next day. Came back put my 2vweeks in (had to go back to school), and the assistant manager was confused. Manager came over and was saying why are you leaving. I literally said, when I have performance review saying how much my performance is lacking and then get to see I'm at 100% for everything, I know that this isn't a place for me in the future.
Now I'm a teacher, after being told ill never be a teacher from my professors.... but that's for a different sub reddit.
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2021.10.26 08:39 SpeechFew8764 Happy Tuesday, Baby!

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2021.10.26 08:39 GeckoVyritsa 28 [M4F] England/Europe Your choice if We were the last people on Earth?

Hey. I'm a English-Serbian guy (accent of the former) in okay shape -somewhere between thin and fit. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I don't smoke, vape, hardly drink and don't do any drugs. Zzz. I can promise I'm more fun than I sound! I've been told i'm pretty good looking but who knows if that applies, I could be a 0 or a 10 to you, the joy of subjectivity!
I'm looking here because I struggle to connect with people. I have tried other types of dating but it seems to be that I find people who are cookie cutter versions of other people, copies of copies and nobody really gave much individual expression or character and I just can't find an appeal in that. How am I supposed to find the enthusasism to connect with someone at a deep level who at the same time comes across as no different to any other? You could say i'm eccentric or weird, different. I've not been classified by a psychologist so sorry I can't give you that detail haha. I just feel as if I'm really great at making deep connections but terrible at making superficial ones. I barely have any friends because of this and it isn't helping that currently I live in a pretty isolated rural place , so meeting people the "normal" way (whatever that means these days) is difficult. Hope to move out to somewhere soon to find a little more razzmatazz, end of this year or start of next.
I studied molecular biology at uni and work as a chemist. I'm more interested in history, philosophy and nature more than what I studied. I tend to take the chance to read up more about them and other random stuff while I'm at work . Boss gets a dollar i get a dime that's why i watch hentai on company time!
I'm happiest when I'm outside and hiking/exploring (especially hill climbing or around a new town) and just relaxing in the park or by the sea, chillin. I also enjoy swimming and computer games. I'm oddly competitive about "casual" card games.
I think my sense of humour is best described as dark and I've an inclination of curosity toward the morbid. I seek to see the world as it is, which includes seeing the ugly side of things which helps me to gain a better sense of what's beautiful. I don't believe the sun would be appreciated without the night. Ok that sounds corny after reading, but I hope you get where I'm coming from. (a good sense of humour and thoughfulness is a very important characteristic in a person!!) The most important thing is mutual synergy.
Into kino films such as "Drive", "Princess Mononoke", "Shin Godzilla", "The Thing" (1982), and anything by Stanley Kubrick. A fan of tv shows such as peep show, chernobyl, the sopranos, father ted, breaking bad, cowboy bebop, south park and it's always sunny in philly. I'm currently watching dorohedoro. I like watching ice hockey and boxing on occasion but other than that I'm not really that interested in watching sport but might with you haha. Don't you dare turn on the golf channel.
I agree 100% with Nietzsche when he said that "Life without music life would be a mistake.” I'm into almost anything from classical, metal, synth/electronic, medieval, 80s, rave to doomer. Recently got into witchhouse. I'm a big fan of the cure, the smiths, burzum, death grips, swans, vatican shadow, chemical brothers and Viktor Tsoi. I'm obsessed by the Hotline Miami OST. It's too catchy.
If anything about me sounds intriguing to you. Send me a message . Tell me about yourself, where you are, your interests and if you're comfy with it some photos - i'll return some, oh and if you want recommend some films/music/books, I always value new stuff to check out. If you have discord extra points! The messenger on this website isn't the best so let's get off it please. c:
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2021.10.26 08:39 hanifalghifari Oh hello there

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2021.10.26 08:39 AdAppropriate8929 Lady Doge πŸŽ€ The Cutest Female Dog Token is around now - Doxxed Team from Germany/Belgium - SAFU - Locked Liquidity - Long Term Project - a real gem πŸ’Ž

The full team behind LadyDoge is doxxing themselves. White Paper was released yesterday. β€”> Check out their Website!
If you like Doge and BabyDoge then you’ll fall in love with Lady Doge! If you missed out on all those previous dog tokens don't you worry, Lady Doge has got you! πŸ’• You know how every one of these dog tokens have grown parabolically? Well… don't miss out on the next one and take this chance to be early for once!
How to buy: Buy Lady Doge on Pancake Swap! β†’ Set slippage to 12%
The main goal is to connect all the dog owners and lovers in one place and create a big community that can grow together.
For every transaction made $LADYDOGE automatically takes a 4% tax fee which 4% goes to a BNB pair, allowing the other 2% to be added to the liquidity pool. This feature will help towards keeping the price stable avoiding drastic fluctuations.
Lady Doge appreciates all investors. For this reason as an incentive to HODL, they have a 3% reward scheme. Every sale of $LADYDOGE will take a 3% fee, which will then be distributed out towards fellow holders.
Lady Doge holds a total of 4% in the MARKETING wallet and uses it to finance future projects. The wallet stays as transparent as possible. As a result, we are well positioned to finance advertising and projects
And, of course, this is totally SAFU, with locked LiquidityπŸ”’ DOXXED Team from Germany and Belgium We are putting great effort into Marketing!
Contract: 0x4758d514bb95099138a07096a6af738136fd9806
πŸ“Š Important Links:
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4758d514bb95099138a07096a6af738136fd9806
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x295b1A66999B1B1729B3972636886D5e929B8E27
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4758d514bb95099138a07096a6af738136fd9806#readContract
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2021.10.26 08:39 OzCaaa1 What great customer service

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2021.10.26 08:39 snoopmt1 Have we misread/oversimplified tax efficient placement?

I believe many in the sub use this article as the gold standard for tax placement (as do I):
The tl:dr of the article is to put bonds in tax-advantaged accounts and stocks in taxed accounts. However, the article itself says it's kind of a toss up with a potentially slight advantage. First, it lists, pros and cons of both. But more importantly, the appendix breaks it down with numbers. If we add table 1 and table 2 from the appendix as instructed, the article puts a stock fund with medium returns at an annualized .67% taxes over 30 years. It places a bond fund gaining 3% at .66% annualized over 30 years. If for more of those 30 years, bonds continue the way they are now, that number would drop below .66%.
My point: with their general estimates, they figure stocks have a slight tax-efficiency edge over stocks. They also point out that keeping stock in a tax-advantaged account saves you getting hammered with 30 years of cost basis all at once as opposed to bonds dividends, which you pay over time somewhat harmlessly as long as it doesn't jack up your AGI too much. In other words, even for Bogleheads, this is not a slam dunk choice. I am leaning towards a mirrored approach in my various accounts rather than mostly bonds in tax-advantaged and mostly stocks in taxable.

tl:dr: the bogleheads.org article on tax-efficient fund placement actually shows that stocks and bonds are pretty close regarding tax-efficiency and depending on their performance over the next 30 years, either one could ultimately be better to keep in a tax-advantaged account.
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2021.10.26 08:39 Nicknater05 What's the most efficient way to buy packs?

Im asking this because I'm pretty new to buying pokemon cards, so far I've bought two Tins at comic-cons (probably stupid cus of the price raise but it's fun) and no individual packs, but I'm pretty sure there are more cost effective methods to get packs (as there always are). The only method I can think of is bulk buying packs so that the cost per pack goes down. But are there any tricks that are known amongst the community? P. S I'm not taking into account probability of holo's or v's etc. Just plain packs/tins
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