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Comeback Stage: DreamNote - GHOST @ SBS MTV The Show (211026)

2021.10.26 07:48 CronoDroid Comeback Stage: DreamNote - GHOST @ SBS MTV The Show (211026)

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2021.10.26 07:48 phantooth Acer Predator Helios 300 Core i7 11th gen RTX 3060

Many of you bought this Laptop. So i though it is better to discuss issues related to it on this post so it can be helpful for others.Just drop a comment if you bought this laptop.
I had few issues:
How did you register the product as the product registration app is not working for me?
How to extend the warranty?
Are you able to get game code for guardians of the galaxy?
Also it wil be helpful if can share offers and tips related to this product or laptops in general. Thanks
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2021.10.26 07:48 Quantity_Capital Wasn’t even guaranteed him from my fatal pack 😂

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2021.10.26 07:48 Alone-Career340 LFT

In search of a Team PS4/PS5 Role:FraggeSupport Rank:P3-P1 KD:1.4 Mains:Nomad/Ace/JägeMozzie
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2021.10.26 07:48 lfi_Wombatt Why am I so attracted to her?

My ex is very attractive, like she could get with any dude, I remember her being like attractive but like now I think she is like way more attractive than I used too what is going on?
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2021.10.26 07:48 realmrobamatron Question about the secret ending and CO-OP

Does anyone know of I can get the secret ending achievement in Co-op? I really don't wanna start all over again just for one achievement.
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2021.10.26 07:48 Latrolage Power optimization with TLP/autocpufreq

TLP and auto-cpufreq are both programs I've found while searching. I would also like to know anything else I can do to optimize battery life (other than changing the way I use my laptop)
I want to know if my setup with TLP and auto-cpufreq on at the same time is going to clash with each other.
TLP seems to set all my cpu cores to a single CPU governor (powersave by default on my laptop) and it doesn't seem to ever change. I came across autocpu-freq which is supposed to replace TLP but it also seems to do much less than TLP.
Currently I have all the processor settings switched off in TLP (CPU related settings are commented in /etc/tlp.conf. The (3rd party?) tlp-ui shows that they are enabled but i trust the tlp.conf file more.) with autocpu-freq enabled.
Does any one know if this configuration will work properly?
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2021.10.26 07:48 sedridor107 If only they would approximate grades like this..

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2021.10.26 07:48 jokerblue24 "The best digital Casio in history": F-91W & COSMOPHASE TO THE FINALS

F-91W and Cosmophase qualified for the final!
WW-5100 will wait for the play-off as third place.
1- F91W: 19,3% of votes
2- Cosmophase: 14% of votes
3- WW-5100: 13,6% of votes (54)
4- CA-51: 12,6% of votes
5- A-158: 8,8% of votes
6- DW-2000: 8,3% of votes
7- TRI-GRAPH: 7% of votes
8- TW-7000: 6,3% of votes
9- W-20: 5,8% of votes
10- DW-200: 4,3% of votes
Thanks for voting!
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2021.10.26 07:48 Major-Permission-435 Good answer for why I quit my last job in an interview?

I have a job interview in a few weeks (data intelligence) and I’m excited! But I’m to figure out an acceptable way to explain why I quit my perfectly good job (analytics, albeit very much in Excel) to move to Europe for grad school (and why I want to stay here).
But I’m afraid I’ll get myself in trouble if I’m like “I think Europe has a better work/life balance.” And say “I didn’t appreciate the American culture of getting texts at all hours, including when I was on vacation.”
And if I say that the tools we used were outdated, is giving examples of the ways I tried to work around that (SQL) and the roadblocks I hit (like not having access to the databases that lacked the data we needed), and that I came to grad school to try to learn how to do those kind of things more efficiently, acceptable?
Worst case, can I just say covid made me reevaluate my life choices? Please advise. Thanks!
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2021.10.26 07:48 TheEmoBoy30 Finn caught in HD shooting down chat

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2021.10.26 07:48 WalletInvestor We welcome Tails to where we feature market data and forecasts

Upon request from community members we added Tails to our website where we feature coin statistics, market capitalization, coin investment ratings and Machine Learning based forecasts. We wish the best in the future!
(forecasts and additional information will be present soon as we gather data)
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2021.10.26 07:48 0flilvalue Why am I a better person when I’m drunk?

“Better” might be a harsh word but I feel like that at times.
When I’m sober I’m awkward, not as confident, less productive, less effective compared to when I’m drunk.
It’s 3 am and I’m thinking of and acting out on all the things I should be doing. Learning code, contributing good ideas to my nft community, and making money online. Things I lack when I’m sober cause I’m always depressed and lazy. Not sure how to fix this since I don’t want to be drinking all the damn time.
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2021.10.26 07:48 prashant19903 Install Play Store on Windows 11

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2021.10.26 07:48 bekris Quest Pro + Headstrap + Controllers textures

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2021.10.26 07:48 awakeningpodcast #180 I have a Cold - Jestem Przeiebiony

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2021.10.26 07:48 14punkteflensburg Elegante Schneekönigin

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2021.10.26 07:48 Efficient-Angle-4534 Let's make roach famous, he told he need more viewers

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2021.10.26 07:48 t1rr2 Why, the single most important thing you do before starting a job is to know your law/rights, the single most important thing you know once accept the job are the policies and your job description. *Please read carefully before replying *

Prior to starting a job you may end up hating always re check your labolabour, human rights, constitutional rights (actually read don't paraphrase) or any other laws. Pop quiz can an employer use schemes, fear or physically stop you from leaving work?
The reason why you look at these is so you're well aware of any bullshit a job can try to pull on you. You can see through it. Human Resources is for the company not for you!
Why, you read the policies and job description? So, you remember that scene in "Squid Game" when Sangwoo mentions that their is a clause to end the game. Meanwhile, everyone else was in fear that they had no choice to end it? Yeah, companies will do this to you without you noticing.
Let's say your boss says you have to work late, your policy nor your contract or job description states anything about you having to stay. GTFO
Or if you're a software developer and your boss tells you to shine his shoes. You didn't sign up to be a shoe shiner! You can tell your boss to get fucked. Guess, what if your boss fires you it's wrongful termination! He asked you to do something that was out of your job duties and not apart of your contract. Just make sure you document it
Or in my actual case a manager stating i was no longer allowed in the building after I reported him and caused me financial hardship (see where I'm going with this?) . Guess what he broke a few laws!
Always make sure you DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT AND DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! you can contact federal/state that will do the legal stuff just make sure you have the evidence. Evidence are nit limited to recording, emails and witnesses, any time you're sending an email CC any witnesses of the wrong doing
(which most states are either a 1 party consent or 2 party consent you can say" i will be recording this for my safety" your employer can "you can't do that" and the law permits it you can literally site the law that permits it.
Also, you can always negotiate your pay during an interview. No matter what
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2021.10.26 07:48 manchest_hair_united When you grow up

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2021.10.26 07:48 JelloFamiliar8317 Shemale dick pick

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2021.10.26 07:48 luna_moon026 🐾PET SITTING SERVICE 🦕

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2021.10.26 07:48 Intrepid-Original558 Is it worth it

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2021.10.26 07:48 TheLonor Nation for WC

So I have about 900hrs in the game but never really attempted a WC. I started a mughals game once which I canceled because somehow playing mughals wasn't that fun. Do you have a good recommendation for a WC besides mughals and hordes, preferably an European nation, which is "interesting" to start a WC run as?
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2021.10.26 07:48 RetardedHedgeFund Happy Halloween, Retards. Covaxin to be approved, says Retard. OCGN will swing around the big 15" pole all week. Puts, calls, shares, I do not care, buy 'em or sell 'em. Value by next week? Perhaps. But what make's it fun, is that it could all be gone by all hallows eve 👻. Good Luck.

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