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quick question

2021.10.26 07:47 wat3rbob quick question

I'm a console player (yes ik aim assist is hacks and should be nerfed) and I currently plan on switching to PC, is running Apex on PC better with low settings for frames or medium settings make a difference? TIA
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2021.10.26 07:47 HossRoss03 Did anyone get a PS5 via Sony directly on Friday the 22nd? I got one and it has yet to ship, and just got a Shipment Delay email. Should I be worried?

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2021.10.26 07:47 mikenike1990 CROWDTAP! Earn Gift Card For Doing Surveys!

Hi everyone! Check out CrowdTap to earn gift cards for doing some surveys! We both get an extra 100 points if you sign up through the link! Enjoy!
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2021.10.26 07:47 C00kie96 11.06.06 - 17.06.06 Week In Review

In a week which saw TNA put the final touches on Slammiversary and WWE aired the relaunch episode of WWE ECW. I will rank each show on entertainment value along with the top 5 matches, top 3 shocking and funniest moments.
ECW One Night Stand 11/06
WWE Raw 12/06
WWE ECW 13/06
TNA Impact 15/06
WWE Smackdown 16/06
Top 5 Matches

  1. Rey Mysterio vs Gregory Helms - (Smackdown). **½(H)
  2. Sabu vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship - (ECW One Night Stand). ***¼(H)
  3. Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle - (ECW One Night Stand). ***½(L)
  4. John Cena vs RVD for the WWE Championship - (ECW One Night Stand). ***½
  5. Edge, Mick Foley and Lita vs Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk and Beulah Mcgillicutty - (ECW One Night Stand). ****
ECW One Night Stand had a number of great matches throughout the card, a champion vs champion match on Smackdown made up the rest of the top five.
Top 3 Shocking Moments
  1. Edge costs John Cena the WWE title - Cena vs RVD was a really good back and forth match at the PPV with an incredibly hostile crowd but the most shocking moment of the match was Edge, dressed in a back trench coat and motorcycle helmet, spearing Cena through a table to allow Van Dam to deliver the Five Star Frog Splash and capture his first WWE Championship. (ECW One Night Stand)
  2. The DDT through the table - Sabu vs Rey Mysterio was another match that delivered at the pay-per-view but the finish of the match was somewhat controversial. Sabu jumped up to the top rope and came down onto a table on the outside, driving Mysterio head first through the table. It was a visually impressive spot but apparently it was enough for medics to call the match off, forget the fact that we've seen Sabu tape his own bicep shut to continue a match. (ECW One Night Stand)
  3. Mick Foley in flames going through the barbed wire plywood - The intergender six person tag match stole the show, Edge and Dreamer carried the work load and produced entertainment with each other but it was Terry Funk and Mick Foley who rolled back the clock and channeled some of their infamous wars from yesteryear. The most shocking moment of the whole week came as Funk would set Foley on fire with his flaming 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire and then send him off the apron through the peice of plywood covered in barbed wire. (ECW One Night Stand)
Top 3 Funniest Moments
  1. Kevin Nash vs Mr X - Nash faces Chris Sabin at the PPV and wanted an opponent on Impact with an identical look and style to Sabin. What we got was a midget in a mask, Nash was quite comical in the match, I hate the whole idea as I don't think the angle is going to benefit anyone but this match on Impact got a laugh out of me. (Impact)
  2. Taz saying Tajiri's wife walks with a limp - Tajiri has size 12 feet apparently so naturally that led Taz and Joey Styles to talk about his package and how his wife walks with a limp due to his expected impressive girth. (ECW One Night Stand)
  3. Triple H moons Vince McMahon - And here's why... (Raw)
The best moment of the week came from Monday Night Raw and the much anticipated reunion of D-Generation X. Vince McMahon had made Triple H and Shawn Michaels' lives a living hell recently and for weeks we have been waiting patiently for Triple H to finally snap. The Spirit Squad were about to snap the Game's neck only for HBK to make his surprise return and help his one time sworn enemy. Trips and Shawn would get nose to nose before doing the X high 5 and crotch chop the boss. A great Raw moment. (Raw)
Shows Ranked
  1. WWE ECW - A truly awful show, it stared brightly enough with a segment between John Cena, Edge and RVD but it felt too much like Raw, but then the show carried on with a zombie, a vampire and a very bad 'extreme' battle royal. The excitement for ECW died on it's first night. 3/10
  2. WWE Smackdown - A show which was very wrestling heavy which is a good thing, however there was nothing riding on each of the matches and the whole night was very skippable. Batista returns in 3 weeks and it feels like we're just killing time until he's back. 4.5/10
  3. TNA Impact - This show did a good job of building Slammiversary on Sunday but a lot of it was via video packages. The 8 man tag main event was a good way to finish but this wasn't a particularly exciting show. 4.5/10
  4. WWE Raw - I've really been enjoying Raw recently but this one was a bit of a step down. The mid card is so poor that everything feels like filler unless it involves the WWE title or Shawn Michaels and Triple H. This wasn't a bad show but Raw feels like its struggling to maintain the quality throughout the 2 hour runtime. 4.5/10
  5. ECW One Night Stand - One of the better shows of the year so far with four really good matches and shocking moments galore. The ECW TV show doesn't look like following on with this excitement though. 7/10
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2021.10.26 07:47 Yusietagforce [REQUEST] Is there an updated link for the Choir Stems of Donda’s 2nd Listening Party?

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2021.10.26 07:47 Broad_Skill7180 teacher uses pornhub as a teaching platform

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2021.10.26 07:47 Weak_Recognition9649 🐕 $SatoShiba 🚀 Stealth LAUNCH 🚫No Bots

The creator of Bitcoin Satoshi, will always be a staple in the world of crypto, we were inspired by the creator to present you SatoShiba. The new Shiba meme token with an ultimate goal to find SATOSHI NAKAMOTO 🐕👨
We hope that between the team and the community, we can pull together our resources to locate and identify the mysterious man or woman that brought us into this financial-crypto revolution we are living today! We know others have tried before us, but we are hoping we can build a community big enough to finally solve this mystery!
We have a buyback wallet to help purchase and promote a healthy chart, as well as a marketing wallet that will provide us the means to get this project off the ground! We will also have a 1% Dev wallet, which will allow the team more available resources to put towards our goal!
✅ Contract Address: 0x55abe8a8b5d652e6221ab72c7b40787b4096bf46
✅ Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x55abe8a8b5d652e6221ab72c7b40787b4096bf46
✅Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x55abe8a8b5d652e6221ab72c7b40787b4096bf46#readContract
Welcome to SatoShiba!
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2021.10.26 07:47 knippi_ Hi guys, one of my friends got this from Dubai on his last visit and I need to get it but I don't know where I can. Can I get help pls (Kuwaiti btw)

Hi guys, one of my friends got this from Dubai on his last visit and I need to get it but I don't know where I can. Can I get help pls (Kuwaiti btw) submitted by knippi_ to UAE [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 07:47 Distinct_Growth_5097 Lucas special card

Anybody got any leaks or insider info on this special Lucas that is supposed to be dropping soon
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2021.10.26 07:47 Away_Personality It's been 1 year already?!

It's been 1 year already?!
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2021.10.26 07:47 kirkwoodotto Shibank Inu ($SHIBANK) 🐶 - Top 10 CoinMooner - Low Marketcap 🚀 - x1000 gem 💎 - Fair Launched

Shibank Inu ($SHIBANK) is a BSC token with a guaranteed price floor and BNB distributed as dividends directly into our holders wallets. Our upcoming platform, NFT marketplace and merchandise store will provide a real use case for $SHIBANK
Telegram: https://t.me/shibankinu
Buy here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xA4473e18A12Ab15F5c0f27E1F2F23120a97f8F8d
This token is waiting to explode. Due to our aggressive marketing, potential buyers are already up to date of this launch. The token characteristics are designed to have an unlimited rising peak. Providing as much as possible profit is our main goal. Next to receiving the token profit, our holders will also receive a reward in BNB.
To counter whales dump, we introduce you the selling limit. This will prevent huge sells
Our strategy is largely using TikTok, Instagram and paid ads. Our experienced marketing team built up networks over the years. That' s why they easily connect influencers (influencers TBA in Telegram group). These influencers having 250K+ followers.
✔️ BNB rewards for token holders
✔️ Exclusive NFTs
✔️ Aggressive Marketing
✔️ Auto liquidity for a stable and safe growth
✔️ Experienced marketing team using paid ads and influencers
✔️ Anti Dump Mechanism
✔️ Doxxed Team
✔️ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Website: https://www.shibankinu.com
Buy link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xA4473e18A12Ab15F5c0f27E1F2F23120a97f8F8d
Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/0xA4473e18A12Ab15F5c0f27E1F2F23120a97f8F8d
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shibankinu
Telegram: https://t.me/shibankinu
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2021.10.26 07:47 Uncle-Dufus Bored so make assumptions about me

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2021.10.26 07:47 GuerrillaVIII Giant in the fog

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2021.10.26 07:47 Lehto Trying some random Blaufränkisch from an Austrian supermarket

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2021.10.26 07:47 EuphoricMessage423 Mom & Pop shop broke me

I worked at a manufacturing job with my husband sewing Cargo nets for a husband and wife company very small most 4 employees at a time and they are millionaires and here's all the crazy things they pulled!
Relocated to another state, promised cost of living raise took 8 months to receive it, had to live on their property for six months cause we didn't have an income to even qualify for housing only managed to find a place to live that required commute by ferry to different islands about 5-8 hour commute depending on tourist season
Under contract we got couldn't leave without consequences, we worked in shop with no insulation the roof was separating from the walls, whenever it would rain the walls would leak or the room would flood, covered in mold & mildew so I was constantly feeling ill. One time baby mice fell from the ceiling we asked to fix things several times but they just bought a new hot tub so they couldn't fix the insulation, mold testing? Was told that mold is not a real problem. Also shop was covered in spiders everywhere was told vacuum them refused to spray to prevent them
Even better I worked for the mother of all Karen's. She'd have emotional outbursts almost every day, she verbally abused the employees on a constant basis, large crazy outbursts she'd start breaking and throwing things (she got a razor blade by my head once chucked a glass mug at another employees head). She'd go into racist rants and constantly threaten us we begged the husband to not work with her but he'd always take her side then lecture us about whatever she just did wrong. And this woman couldn't even work she messed up everything she touched then go off how she's the world's greatest seamstress but can't actually sew she took narcissism to a whole new level. Then yup she was gold digger, 9 months into marriage and moving to a new place he bought for her she started cheating on him and would tell me all the details so once she was gone and you'd think it would get better they got worse, due to impending divorce we entered our indentured servitude time at this company we became not people just working machines existing to make his life easier. Why did we stay? Oh we made $30 hr and were in process of trying to buy a home which we needed the job requirements to qualify and then intended to quit. Then the pandemic happened we got to work from home and it was ok. Then my husband had a psychosis episode and couldn't work there anymore so I was the only employee (two former employees were drunks they hit rock bottom) all the work got put on me alone he refused to hire anyone cause of the ongoing divorce so I got the work of 4 people by myself, so I developed ruptured ulcers and started throwing up blood for about a month straight to ease my stress of working only 40 hours my boss said we could switch to contract labor this way I'd be able to work 60-80 hours a week and bonus! I'd receive a 40% pay decrease so I'd get paid the same amount with twice the hours and he was doing me a favor cause I'd need the money for medical bills I refused weeks later I learned the accountant would start paying herself from my paycheck to a completely undisclosed amount, I told my boss that was illegal and no he said it was fine and the accountant can do what she needs to make sure she gets paid for cutting my check so I abruptly quit. Found myself at a tapestry making place which was contract work the boss was again incredibly verbally abusive to his employees and the pay was offered $25 an hour, but it was per piece and reality after taking the job was $5-$6 an hour so I quit there. I can't do it anymore, I just can't I haven't had a job in months I didn't qualify for unemployment and despite my finances being next to nothing and bills piling up I can't will myself to go through another terrible job especially cause I am a rather gifted seamstress I feel like my talents are worth more then minimum wage or terrible treatment from employers. Now what are the options once you get to this point I feel like my will to do captilism just completely broke...do I join a cult now? I have no idea what to do
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2021.10.26 07:47 A-Mirrors-Color Schraubt ihr selbst? Woher könnt ihr das?

An alle die selbst an ihren Oldtimern rumschrauben: Wo habt ihr das gelernt? Papa, Mama, Onkel oder Tante über die Schulter geschaut? Selber eine Lehre gemacht?
Ich bin immer beeindruckt woher Leute sowas können und frage mich, wie man da anfängt oder einsteigt.
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2021.10.26 07:47 umsvifazt A different angl(e)

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2021.10.26 07:47 joesen_one DAY6 Even of Day - Episode 1 : Let's go, the three of us ♪ Healing trip in Gangwon-do! Where are we going? @ Autumn Break (211025) [Eng Sub]

DAY6 Even of Day - Episode 1 : Let's go, the three of us ♪ Healing trip in Gangwon-do! Where are we going? @ Autumn Break (211025) [Eng Sub] submitted by joesen_one to kpop [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 07:47 ZoolShop Japan’s Princess Mako marries and loses royal status | Japan

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2021.10.26 07:47 Swearmou Streetfood, gerade zu Festlichkeiten wie hier Diwali, ist einfach immer sau gut. Habt ihr Lieblings-Streetfood?

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2021.10.26 07:47 kulichcz V3 pedals via RJ45 - rumble motors

I have the csl dd and the V3 pedals and I am thinking about connecting them via the rj45 (currently they are on USB), but I am wondering if the rumble motors are still going to work? Does the rj connection bring power as well?
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2021.10.26 07:47 TheTrashTrain I have to finish reading dracula in like 3 weeks but im only a 4th of the way in and its gotten super boring all of a sudden aaaaa

The text is dense and the story shifted from actually being about dracula to just being snippets from side characters' diaries or letters and i just lost 80% of my interest in whats happening
Its such a chore to read even 20 pages and i have 300 left
The other problem is i dont even like reading
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2021.10.26 07:47 Reasonable-Chain8026 In my dreams stocks only go up, everything is on moon 🌝

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2021.10.26 07:47 BambooBrady [29 M] L.A. Drummer Looking For A Pop/Punk or Melodic Hardcore Band

I’ve played in bands for several years and am getting back into the swing of writing and have a desire to play shows and make great music.
Influences include but aren’t limited to:
The Amity Affliction (Old) Fall Out Boy Beartooth State Champs A Day To Remember Grayscale Neck Deep The Home Team Wage War In Her Own Words Carousel Kings I Prevail ETC.
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2021.10.26 07:47 Fecour Car Insurance UK

Brief explanation of my situation:
I have been a driver for 11 years now, first in Jordan then in the United States (6 years) and moved to the UK in 2017.
I gained my Uk license 11 months ago and insurance prices are assuming im a new driver with high rates.
Is there a way to get validated as a mature driver with my 2 foreign driver licenses to get lower rates?
Thanks in advance!
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